Women's 4's from Carpentersville

Sue and I raced in the Women's 4's at the cyclocross race on Sunday.
The course was more technical than Jackson Park -- which means it was
more to my liking. There were two barriers before a run up, two
places where there was a barrier and then a ditch type thing that you
had to jump over, a kind of ditch/very small ravine thing with a
rutted line and a big sand pit that if you tried to just roll into
you would fly over your handlebars (which I kind of did during a pre-
ride). I actually started out very well and, while I couldn't keep up
with the top girls, I I did well overall and was fourth or fifth at
the end.

The initial results had me listed as 5th and Sue listed as 6th. There
was a problem with one girl's results and I ended up with 4th and Sue
was 5th. We both won jerseys and, Sue, I'll bring yours to the ABD

Speaking of the ABD race -- It's this Sunday, Oct. 28, in Bartlett.
Please come out and either race or cheer us on!

Jessi also did the Women's 1/2/3 race. Even though it was at the same
time, I have no idea how it went for her so I'll have to let her give
you a report. Jim raced 30+ and 40+ and there was an ABD guy that
raced the Cat. 4's but I'm not sure who it was since I was busy
trying to keep Christopher from going down the slide head first.

-- Gina Kenny

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