Cooper Report: Fall Fling

I tell you the Fall Fling was great.  Putting points into a series of races gives it a whole different perspective.  I wanted to give a brief recap of the races for my final race report. 


 In retrospect the TT was a TT and knowing what I know now (only a week or so later) it was just a TT because even though I had a plan which I thought was decent there is a whole other level to get to, to make it piercingly fast.  My plan for this was to treat it like the last leg of a regular TT and just pace your self on an all out stretch.  


The 1st critierum played out just like the one the week prior in Kenosha.  Play it cool and work up to the front, hold it, catch a wheel and on the last quarter of the race let them lead you out till you pounce off for the win...well that is if there is no one 30sec off the front.


The Road Race.  This is what changed my perception a bit.  On the first lap I found Alex , the winner from the crit last week, and we talked a bit.  I noticed he was in the front just waiting to prey on an attack.  Soon enough it went off up hill in between turn 1 and 2.  XXX Turin ABD(me) went off.  After my pull there was no xxx but a CU rider.  I took another pull there was Bike shop Unattached and Turin.  One last pull and it was Alex, Brian, Me and the rider from CU.  The pace was awesome!  All out just flying in a rotating pace line.  As we flew past the start finish I was concerned that inefficiency would ruin our groove and we would get roped in so we went to 30sec pulls and ride fast.  One lap of this and we needed to give it another kick to make sure we secure our lead so we went to 15 sec pulls.  That is till after turn 3 where Alex attacks!  I mean were flying and this dude just hops off us like we we sitting still....I get him back and let him sit out in front till he does it again!  I mean either he really likes pain or he is extremely daring or I guess a combination of the two. This time I let Brian get him and then I spring off the two of them.  Now we are half way to the start finish after turn 4 and Alex catches me, attacks, and just keeps it.  I looked back and saw we dropped Brian with these cat and mouse games and Alex just kept getting farther and farther taking the win


Last crit Watching for Alex I was going to attack off the first prime and see what develops.  I didn't but eventually something started to go down off the front.  I was itching to get in it.  Soon enough I saw Alex and Brian and the dude from CU and it was looking the the day prior.  What ever we had got caught and there was another attempt in less than a minute.  Now I am not sure what happened here but I was hoping it would be the one but some how a few people were in it this time with some weak pulls and we found ourselves not really doing much but having fun playing a game of bike lasso.  Well the time elapses and on the last lap I catch a wheel that fizzles to fast and I give a nice lead out to the 12 guys who finish before me.


So I looked back and noticed that the 1 hour break was about as fast as my 10mile TT.  Being able to attack off a pace like that is freakin awesome and kind of sick and just forgetting about the outcome and just racing fast, well that is so much fun!  I would have to say that last crit was the fasted paced cat4 crit I ever did and certainly the most enjoyable.


I have nothing but good things to say about ABD but I am moving on to a more local team.  I learned a lot this year and it was fun doing it on such a good team.  Thanks for an awesome year!-Ryan 


Oh by the way what I learned this time is that there is no better feeling than being way out front blowing your brians out.  Now I have to stop being such a wussy and do it a lot more often! 

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