Marshall Report: 20076 Union Colorfest Biathlon

Fellow ABD'rs;

Here is my final race report for the 2007 season. Two weeks ago, my old EIU college roomate, Joe Sheeran and I competed in the 2007 13th annual Union County Colorfest Biathlon.

Joe Sheeran, now 49 (50 in November), resides in Ellynsburg, Washington. He was a 3-time DivIII All-American in Cross-Country and Track, following college, he posted some impressive road races, such as a 2:15:11 marathon, as well as a very fast 28:57 10k.

Anyhow, after a 20yr layoff from running, he is back again, now with ABD Multisport division. After only 6 months of training, he ran his first race, a 5k on a very hot 98 degree July day in 18:30.

Ok, now on with the race report!

Saturday, October 13th in Anna, IL (about 22 miles south of Carbondale), was a sunny crisp fall day. After a good warmup, Joe ran an excellent hilly 5k in 17:38, tagged off, and I went thru transition, and was out on my Trek TT bike.

The first 3 miles are mostly on very good pavement, of old Hwy. Rt 51 shoulder, with 3 big rollers, passed up 1st place about 2 miles out, and was in good shape for the tough part comming up.

Turned right off Rt. 51 onto some pretty rough roads (kind of like Garden Prairie's old TT course mid-section). Right away, two back-to-back hills, first one roughy 4-5% grade, maybe only 200 meters, but immediately down it, and up the second, about 300 meters, almost as steep as the, St.Charles, Al Capone's Hideaway's hill.

Turned around no one in sight, except two very mean dogs comming right at my feet...no rest, sprint! The next 4-5 miles was, up-down, up down hills, mostly shorter hills anywhere from 150 - 300 meters. Somewhere around, 12 mile mark, I turned around and saw someone gaining on me.

Around 14 miles, he caught me half-way up a steeper hill, as I had problems shifting from BIG ring, onto smaller 42 to climb! Back onto Hwy 51, only 3.5 miles to go!

I never really reeled him back, and as he finishes in a PR 1:06:59....I come across in 1:07:20 (4 minutes ahead of the field), and felt great, except for my left hip that is!!|

Andrew Otto, the winner, lives and trains in Greenville, SC, even occasionally spots, George Hincappie training around "Paris Mtn".

Glad the season is over, finally taking 3-4 weeks off MUCH NEEDED REST!

Only problem is that I'm always having to go up-and down ladders all day. For some of you ABDr's, whom don't know me, I'm a Painting Contractor!

See ya soon;

Bob Marshall

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