Keith B: Marathon Report

Hello Everyone,
Well let me just say that I have never written any type of report before. I had a very disappointing run yesterday. Yesterday was the hottest Chicago Marathon ever reaching 88 degrees. They actually cancelled the race later in the day because of the heat. I heard that about 35,000 started the race and about 24,000 finished. One person died, and about 300 were taked to the hosptial. I was not the only one with with a dissappointing run, numerous people I talked with afterwards said how difficult it was running in the heat. Anyways....
I settled in at
very comfortable 6:52 pace for the first 13.1 miles @ 1:31. Felt good. I was trying to run negative splits yesterday, but that changed after mile 18. During my training I ran 5(20mile) runs without any signs of muscle cramps. I have never really had muscle cramps before. Well that wasn't the case yesterday. I had the most severe cramps in both of my calfs, ever!! Calfs were on fire!! So basically, the sub-three was out of the question, now I just wanted to try and qualify for Boston. That didn't happen either. The last 5 miles were the hardest miles I have ever run. Very painful, just wanted to finish at that point. I did finish but with a 3:23 time. I am very disappoionted in my performance,to say the least, because I trained extremely HARD the entire summer for this. I am thankful that God gave the strength to finish the race and compete like I do. I know there will be other opportunities. Not sure yet but, I'm considering running the Detroit Marathon in two weeks to try and qualify for Boston in the Spring. (Only marathon that crosses international border twice)
On another note, I wanted to say I had a great time racing and helping out at the Fall Fling this year. It was nice getting know everyone better. Thanks ABD for all your support. I had a great season!! I look forward to Boot Camp. See everyone soon. God Bless,
Keith B.

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