Gina Kenny's Cross Report: Delafield

Being bit by the 'cross bug, I decided to head up to Wisconsin on Sunday for a cyclocross race (Sat. was a two-part time trial but I skipped that). The weather was gorgeous -- not what one typically gets for cyclocross races so it was even nicer. The course was an approximate two mile loop--mountain bike double track with some deep ruts in some areas, a few sharp turns and one steep climb with a barrier on top. There were 10 Cat. 4 women that registered, 9 that started and 8 that finished. I ended up 5th, about a minute out from 4th. I had a good race, being much smoother and making fewer stupid mistakes than last week in Jackson Park. But, I ended up leaving my gloves in Christopher's stroller and now have blisters on both thumbs and had some problems feeling like my hands were going to slip off the hoods.

The Cat. 4 mens' race was huge, as always, with 60 finishers. What's interesting is that they had the Women's cat. 3 go with the men's cat 3 as opposed to Women's categories 1, 2 & 3 racing together in the Chicago series. I watched part of the Cat. 3 race which had a large group of males and 8 women. I didn't stick around too long because Christopher was getting cranky. I didn't see any other ABD-ers as I'm guessing everyone was at the fling.

Hopefully, I'll see a huge ABD group at the next Chicago Cross race Oct. 21 in Carpentersville.

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