Another Florida Race Report: Jackie Kurth

2/17 & 18

This past weekend my dad and I traveled to San Antonio/Dade City, FL for the Habitat for Humanity road race and criterium. We drove up Saturday morning because our race didn't start till one in the afternoon. Usually I would be upset about the late start time but this time I was elated because the temperatures in the morning were down in the 30's so at least it was a little bit warmer (50) in the afternoon. My women's 1-3 race was scheduled to start with the men's category 3, so my dad would be racing with me for the 68 mile race. They staged us, after I warmed up for about 30 minutes, and we waited for the cat 4 men to finish. Then we had to continue waiting for the pro field to come through. After about 20 minutes they finally lined up our field of about 75 racers, 12 of which were women. Finally we started on this difficult course, a 17 mile loop with numerous climbs. Not only was the temperature cold but the winds were gusting at over 20 mph. The race was very sketchy, people were flatting on the down hills, moving all over the place and some were going off the road. Luckily it was pretty safe for the most part until we were on the back side of the course on the second lap. We were going up a hill and a crash occurred right in front of me. I put on my breaks and moved to the right almost in the grass to avoid the downed riders. I almost crashed into them but luckily I stayed standing and kept going. Even though I quickly got going the group was already too far in the distance to catch with only one other lady with me. As I came through the start/finish area I saw my dad on the side of the road, he had had pulled out of the pelaton because he though I was involved in the crash and hurt. My dad rejoined me and we ended up doing the last two laps together; I ended up finishing fourth place! I was surprised but apparently most of the other women dropped out due to flats, crashes and fatigue.

Sunday's course is a crazy 6 turn criterium with lots of bumps, holes and brick pavers. My legs were still sore from the day before as I lined up with the women 1-3. On the first lap pro rider Rebecca Larson attacked and got away with teammate Kristen Sanders and another rider Trish Cohen. I was with five other riders, two on team Kenda Tire, two on Cycle Science and a Ford rider. The two teams kept sending off attack then blocking so I would have to chase them down. With about five laps to go Larson and Sanders lapped us and pulled at a high pace. It came down to a sprint finish. I was in about 4th position and sprinted coming in seventh place.

After an exciting weekend I can't wait till Gainesville race next weekend with my first time trial and a criterium on Sunday. I am just hoping we get our customary Florida weather back!


Sanford & Lake Mary Criteriums: Jackie Kurth


This weekend was my first weekend of races of the year! I did four challenging races, women 1-3 and juniors 15-18 both days. On Saturday we were in Sanford for a chilly morning for Florida standards. I lined up for the LAJORS juniors race surprised to see about 35 other junior men and there was me… the only girl. The race started out ballistic hammering the 0.6mile four corner course. I sat in for a great training race and finished 8th place with the pack. Later that day I lined up again with the women 1-3. The race was represented by some prominent teams including Aaron's Furnishings and Cycle Science. With strong showings from each team it was hard to match their impeccable team work. Rebecca Larson (Aaron's Furnishings) and Jackie Crowell (Cycle Science) created a break early into the race. With much chasing, but even more blocking from teammates they managed to lap the field not once but twice. Disappointed but not defeated I sprinted at the end finishing 9th place.

Day two of racing started out even colder with temperatures in the low 40's in the morning. With about five layers of clothing I got to the race early to watch my dad race and waited anticipating the junior's race. Finally it was time for my race, I lined up with about the same amount of juniors as the day before. Today's junior race was even faster than the day before. The high speeds were due to the wide open course with a few sweeping turns. There was a constant stream of attacks shooting off the front of the peleton. One strong break looked as if it would hold so I moved myself to the front and bridged all the way up to it. Unfortunately we were caught a short time later. In the end I finished coming through the line not even with a standing sprint, my legs were so sore. About four hours later with the wind gusting now, I was on the bike again for the women 1-3 race. My legs were still incredibly sore after my previous races. We started the race and only a few laps into the race a break with Tina Elliot of Cycle Science and Larson went off the front. Knowing this was a break that would surly last the whole race, many of us contributed in the chase to catch them. After I pulled off the front from an attempt to bring the break closer, Crowell with Cycle Science and Kristin Sanders of Aaron's made a hard attack and bridged up creating a four person break. They maintained about twenty seconds off the front of the peleton for some time. With consistent chasing from a number of people in the pack we still lost time, they then went completely out of sight. It came down to the final sprint where my legs literally felt like they were going to fall off. I crossed the line 9th place.

It was a fun first race of the season. Even though I did not do as well as I would have liked in the races I have many more to come!!!

At the race it was a wonderful surprise to see a fellow ABD rider, Dixie Devry!!! I want to say congratulations to her and hope to see her at more races!
Jackie Kurth