Steve Parrish: Carrol County Road Race Cat 3

Yesterday Theo Quednau and I represented ABD in the Cat 3 field at the Great Carroll Countyy Cycling Event. We were not very excited to learn that we would be riding in 'wave 1' with the 1/2 field as well as the Masters 30 and Masters 40 fields. It was a large group that set out from Chadwick. Theo and I sat in quite comfortably until the road went up in Savannah, when Tom Doughty decided to blow things apart. After that big hill in Savannah our field of 50 or so was down to about 12. Theo and I were both able to stay with the small group. Theo even chased back on after dropping his chain right before another long hill. The pace was fast for the remaining 30 miles or so. I blew off the back with about 8 miles to go, but Theo stayed in and finsihed 2nd while I brought in the chuckwagon for 4th.

This was the biggest year yet for this race and it sure is a fun one if you have never done it.


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