A Sopping Wet MATTS Paw Paw TT

A quick tip of the rain soaked cap to all who took on the mind of a mallard and TTed in Paw Paw this morning.  

Of special note are the gentlemen who did a land grab on the Cat 4 category.  Five of the top nine spots went to ABD.   Seventh, 8th, and 9th were the esteemed firm of Rulo, Flechsig, and Zelewsky who presented the courts with finishes all within 6 seconds of one another.   Ryan Cooper powered in 5th, and Bob Fortelka pounded through the return headwind and rollers grabbing 3rd place.

Mr Gage, Mr Marshall, Mr Janes, Mr Molitor, Master Redlich, Sarge Mstowski, Mr Murphy, and of course, the perennial "let's play two" Mr Jungels, all contributed to a great show of ABD color taking to the back roads and sticking our collective tongues out at the radar.

I have to run.  I just heard the dryer beep.  I think my frame is done.

-Todd Busteed

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