Bob Marshall: Paw Paw TT

Hi guys;

If anyone read some of the race reports for Paw Paw 40k TT, the day was nasty, not to mention the course.

Rolling course...take a look at course profile at www.teamapache.org

Not to mention, that it was actaully closer to 25.0 miles.

Anyhow, got there late, Steve Gage, myself and Paul Z. each probably had about 18-20 minute warmup, never getting HR into AT Zone. I was actually chivering at the start.

Got going, course out was both cross winds, and some tail winds, but at turn #1 (right-hand turn) I almost went down. Went way to fast, and rode into ditch, though gravel and back onto road...just like Lance!

Boy, was that scarry...anyhow recovered from mishap...continued onward to turnaround. Course back was pretty tough, lots of rollers, into winds, cross winds, etc. Reed Oliff passed me up pretty darn strong rider up hills (stayed in-the-saddle mostly, high-torque strong man).

Anyhow, I did finish...ended up 3rd in Masters 50+ (1:01:28)

Looking forward to Cordova flater course!!!!!

Bob Marshall/
ABD Multisport

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