Allison Moe: Horribly Hilly Hundred

This is my first attempt at a ride report, so bear with me as I can only hope that this report is half as exciting as one that Jessi would write. This past Saturday, I completed my 2nd Horribly Hilly ride up in Mt. Horeb, WI. There’s nothing like riding the mountains of Wisconsin that make Campton Hills Rd. seem like a bump in the road. Anyway, I did the 200K option which meant 124 miles and 12,000 feet of climbing. As I tried to explain to one of my non-riding friends, 12,000 feet of climbing is brutal. His response was that was 12,000 feet of descent. He had no idea. It was a brutally hot day, but luckily there was some cloud coverage during some of the peak hours of the day and about 15 minutes of light rain. Anyway, my speeds for the day ranged from 43.8mph(in the first 15 minutes of the ride) to 3.0 (multiple climbs of the day). The last 2 miles had just over 900 feet of climbing and that took me 25 minutes to complete. But after 10:30 of riding, I did finish. Overall, I spent about 12:15 on the road. I finished and I am stronger for it!


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