Marshall's Multisport Report: Batavia Tri & Du

ABD Multisport had a fairly good showing at yesterday's Batavia Triathlon & Duathlon.

In the Triathlon Allison Moe came in in 7th place in her Age Group, and is going to be doing Bigfoot Tri in a few weeks.

ABD veteran, all-around athlete had an impressive early season showing. He came in 8th place overall in a huge field, with fairly good swim, bike and final run splits!

Good job Jeff!!!

In the Duathlon, Scott Pahl finished in 7th place overall. Not a bad effort for early season.

As for myself, I was just glad to finish my first season Du....ended up 4th place overall. Wasn't happy with either my first run or both transitions. Second run was fairly good, for only doing two runs per week (held under 6:30 pace).

Finally, thanks to fellow ABD'rs whom helped at race, and special to "the Prez", Mike Farrell...sponsoring, and assisting too...wow getting up at 4:15am was really hard...on all of us!

Bob Marshall

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