Jingle Cross Rock: Mike Wakeley

Hello Everyone,
Just got back from the Jingle Cross Rock in Iowa City, IA.
If you race Cross you will have to put this on you calander for next year.
The race was held on the local fair grounds and the couses ran thru (yes, thru not around) two buildings. The course was fast with a lot of twists and turns with deep sand in one of the buildings with one smaller rideable hill and one large run up called Mount Krumpit. (Large for this report is 100ft high and a running distance of about 75yards, felt like 1/2 a mile.)
Large crowds of screeming bell wielding fans were on hand in the uncross like weather of sun and 65 degrees.
From the top of the run-up you could see the whole course and with music blasting on the top of the hill it was a great place to watch the race
The one thing they did there was there version of a Cyclocross crowd prime. On the run up the screeming crowd would place dollars on the ground and wait for racers to just pick them during the race.
I raced the SingleSpeed Class placing 12th.
I didn't see any other ABDers there, but I only race Sunday of the 2 day race.
Mike Wakeley

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