Chi Cross Cup #2: Jim Nowak

Finally got a spare minute to put together a race report.
Again ABD really showed up in strength last Sat. at the second of four races in the Chicagoland 'Cross Cup.  This time we were right in our backyard at Compton Park on the west side of St. Charles (or Wasco?).  This races was sponsored by some of the guys who do the Colonial/Cafe/St. Charles ride; Brian Conant, Rob Kelley, etc.
The day was a perfect day for 'cross; grey, windy, cool, and even a bit of rain.  The course that was laid out was similar to last year, but new wrinkles were thrown in this year.  Removed was a single track section through some woods, and in its place was more off-camber sections as well as some 180 degree turns at the bottom or top of hills.  For the most part the course was dry, but several sections were sloppy, and this added to the fun.
For me personally, I had a great start, but with fighting some congestion and/or bug, it is tough to be competitive in these type of races.  I was with the front group for the first of 12 laps, but slowly faded to the middle of the field of 32 at the finish.
In the 45+ race, Tom Knoebl had another great race to finish 9th, and maintain his overall standing in the top 10.
Irene Pang battled the Women's 1/2/3 race on her mtn. bike, where she was at a clear disadvantage as this was a true speed course.
The Cat 3 race consisted of many of the same guys; Jon, Eric, Angelo, and Brad.  Looking at the results, it appears as though Eric was in two places at the same time or cloned himself as he was both 14th and 17th in the results.
The top ABD result of the day goes to Jason Sneffner who again was in the money with a great 5th place in another HUGE Cat 4 field.  Joining him in the top 20 were Michael Wakeley and Jay Corgiat.
Finally in the Women's Cat 4 Jessi came out on a 'cross bike and seemed to enjoy her effort.
I'm sure there are others who were out there, but again it was great to see the large number of ABD'ers racing.
In other news:  There are several "bandit" races being put together in the coming weeks.  These are non-sanctioned races (more like training rides) with not entry fee, no prizes, and only 1 race.  So everyone will race together at the same time.
For info on the next one check out http://www.harperride.net  Look for Bandit Cross on the home page and follow the links.

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