Oehmen's Superweek Soigneur Report

If you are hoping that this email will spill all the deep dark secrets shared on the table by the elite team. Don't bother reading any further. i will never share any stories... through email :)

But i have gone with the team to racers for three events now. Quad city, nature valley and a couple days in superweek. I have learned a few things but i know i still  have a long way to go.

Notes from the feed zone.

0 - 2 bottles .... boring
5 - 10 bottles ..... fun
25 plus bottles.... funner
feeding guys from a few different teams ...... priceless

I have learned that me being over prepared and taking home extra water bottles that are still full is so much better than running out of water.

I have learned that when they say they don't need coke after a race, not to listen to them because they will have changed their minds at the end of the race.

I have learned that having a good radio is important so the guys can actually hear you and will be warned if their will be a feed bag next lap.

i have learned that sunblock and bug spray should always be worn in the feed zone. Stupid bugs and sun!

Other things i have learned about myself:

I would rather have too much to do than sitting around waiting for the guys  to race.

i need around 5 hours of sleep or i get irritable.

The most important thing is that i really enjoy the job and i think I am a good fit for it.

* i know there is more i just can't remember what it is. I might have blocked a few things out!

Liz Oehmen
ABD soigneur

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