The Cooper Report: Wolfgang Freitag TTT

Last weekend' s two man time trial was an enjoyable experience for me and I am sure for my partner, Rob, too. It is a good feeling to walk away from a race and feel pretty satisfied with your, or in this case our efforts, despite all the little mishaps. Really, though, what would a race seriously be like with out something to blame the little shortcomings on. From the gate Rob and I worked together. We had great communication and really looked out for one another. Rob was in charge of pull times and pace, I just got to ride. We had the opportunity to pass back and forth a water bottle, since Rob's abandoned ship 15 min in to the race. And Rob had the pleasure of a swivel arm rest on his TT bars, due to his massive forearm busting the screw out. We made sure to watch wind position and not to pull off too hard. All in all we tried to keep it as streamlined as possible, for a couple cat 4's that is.

I would have to say that last back straight was nice! Smooth as can be, the wind at your back, and the finish line in sight. Rob and I saved enough energy to really lay it out coming home. There was a little traffic and may have cost us some time but really it wouldn't have mattered. One more pull each and we came across the line with 1.16 and change (results are a little off I would say) Still it was good enough to rake in a 1st place finish for cat 4 on a nice sunny day. Being my first 2 man I would say it was fun and I am looking forward to another one.


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