Cooper Report: Dice 40k TT

While a lot of my friends were out racing at superweek venues I chose to hone my skills at time trialing. I met up with Rob, on time, and we headed out to what Nebraska or something, no Cordova. We got there at a decent time and had breakfast at a farmers diner. Rob is the sausage, eggs, hash brown kind of guy and I was the pancake with blueberry sauce dude. You know it was nice not to rush. I set my bike up, still don't have the TT bike so I used my geeky clip ons, and got a nice warm up. I vowed to my self to ride this "out of the book." Try not to go out too hard and settle in and constantly ramp it up towards the end. This is what I did. I went out not too hard for 5 min then I moved it up a notch. I tried to keep aero the whole way but I had some head bobs going on. At the 1/2 way point I saw Rob was gaining on me so I kicked it up a notch higher. I felt good and I thought I was farther into it than I was, and drove it up only to come back a bit a little later. With about 10 min left I increased the torque and in the last 2k I tried to ride out of my skin. After the final s bend and the finish line in sight I wanted to maintain and I looked down at my polar for a little motivation. I cruised through the finish at 58:33 with a 2nd place finish. I accomplished 2 goals, 1 to stick to the plan, and 2 get under an hour. It was odd though there was no real wind...are you sure we were in the Midwest?

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