Marshall Report: Wolgang Freitag TTT

I thought I would share this race report...it's exactly what not to do for a 2-man TTT!

It all starts with the Pre-Race prep a couple days before, or Friday, July 6th. Got up at 5:15am, and ran an 11 miler at about 7:20 per mile pace, with my running group.

Big mistake number one, DO NOT PUT IN A LONG TEMPO RUN TWO DAYS BEFORE COMPETITION...especially on sore legs (left hip flexor/ham problem).

Ok, on to the day before stuff...did almost all the right things, took in fluids, electrolytes, carbs, easy soft-pedal 14 miler, etc. However, got to bed little to late, got about 5-1/2 hours sleep.

Race Day...here's where the problems begin.

Steve Gage & I got there late, set-up trainer, and put in about 8 minute warmup, never got HR into "AT" range at all. Really needed a minimum of 25-30 minutes, primarily because of my left flexor/hamstring problem.

3-minutes to start....

grabbed my TT helmet, and noticed that the back plastic strap was broken...my partner, tried to fix it, and couldn't...

now it's over to start line...we pull up and offical tells us we have 34 seconds to start. Now where both worried, as I handed my helmet to the race official's son, who tried to fix it...we miss our start time.

Race official tells my partner to go ahead, and I'll catch up...as there still working on my helmet...my partner goes up the road about 25 yards, and waits there...as I grab my helmet back from the kid, I hear the words...5-4-3-2-1 the next group just left.

Lost 55 seconds, not to mention the momentum, and stress we both went thru!

Were finally off...Richard Kreutzfeldt had to take double pulls, to let me warmup. I didn't get into a rythem until about 8 miles or so.

Finally, second lap goes better...we finish in 1:20:42 about 3 minutes slower than we expected.

I apoligize to my partner, whom, by the way is almost dead even with me in overall Matts Series (with the two throw-outs, I'm 2 points ahead of Richard, in 4th place).

P.S. - I'm staying overnight in Genneseo, next Saturday, so I'm closer to Cordova...the Dice 40k TT on Sunday! Maybe, I'll start checking my equipment too!

Bob Marshall/
ABD Multisport

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