A Cat. 4 Report from Parkside

This last weekend was a little more chilly than the first but after a good warm up of stomps, sprints and tempo the temperature didn't seem so bad. My plan for this race was to sit in and hope it comes down to a field sprint. Because I use these as training and there is no real importance to them, I go about training during the week like I should be. The day before I had a nice 75 mile aerobic ride, thus explaining why I wanted to sit in. So I did what I set out to do but I kept drifting back do accident land and I knew I had to cruise up to the front and adjust fire. Early on in the race there was an ambiguous 2 man break that the field did not bother to catch, so I attempted. Only I attempted half cocked and I pulled the field. I realized what I did and got off the front and took a small breather. As soon as I saw some one go for it I blasted up the gutter and grabbed his wheel along with a Lot guy. So the three of us were attempting to bridge. We got the gap down to 3 sec, but at this time Lot was pooped and the 2 man started to work together. At this point I was set on third place because I was not determined enough to leave my small break away group to catch the other two. We worked together towards the end never catching the 2 guys but staying ahead of the field. Going around turn 4 I sprinted out from the middle slicing up the final straight to capture 3 place. Those bumps make the road quite interesting to sprint up it seemed like half of the I was in the air. I am looking forward to this weekend to race again, but instead of a break with two guys on different teams I want it to be all ABD.

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