Cat. 4 "Demolition" at Parkside

Has any one seen those exhibitionist stock car races called the
demolition derby because I think they should rename them as the Cat 4
race (at least at Parkside). It was interesting and I like
bunny-hopping heads, as much as the next guy but yeah not so fun if
you get caught buy one, luckily I did not. Racing with ABD was a
pleasure today and applying some of the good knowledge of the Cycling
College the day previous made racing very enjoyable i.e. watching wind
to determine bike positioning. I made sure to be blocked out of the
wind as much as possible going from inside to outside of the field at
opposites side of the course. It was great hearing "Coop" going into
turn 2 on the last lap about 4 bikes from the front catching the wheel
of Ben and Alex as they came around and the ABD train was smoking.
Ben really barreled up th hill directly into the head wind through
turn 2 and partly down the hill. Ben peeled off and Alex kicked it
up flying down the hill and we went around turn 3 where I took off
from behind him, too soon, but not wanting others to come around us
because it was just off a downhill. I took off solo and was hoping I
had no one sucking my wheel. I went around turn 4 and up the hill
sprinting for the finish that seemed so far away, unfortunately I was
passed by 3 dudes and finished 4th. So it is my turn to be lead out
man to redeem myself and honor the team. I am looking forward to the
racing coming up and I know we will have a successful season.


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