LaRue Report: Carrol County

Hello, I was in the race with Steve and Theo far a few climbs. I got dropped on the last big climb. Sorry Steve and Theo I wanted to be there to help one of you win. After being dropped I waited for Mike Redlich and we started riding together. Some how we missed a turn. As did several other people. We found our way back on the course just in time for Mikes frame to snap in half. We stopped and looked at his bike in amassment. I got back on my bike and heading to the next stop to tell Nancy to go pick Mike up. I waited for the 4's to catch me so I could have a free ride back to the finish. When they caught me there were a couple of ABD riders in the pack of 12. I sat in the back for a while. I went back to the support vehicle and asked if I could work with this group. The answer was I guess! So, I chased a couple of breaks down. And tried to do some long pulls at the front so ABD didn't have to. I think Jason got 2nd or 3rd. I hope that it helped him out. I have the same feelings about this race as Steve. I will come back next year and try to hang with the 1-2-3's. This is the 2nd year I have been dropped on the climbs. It's personal know. I must come back until I have a good result. I thought after being in England and doing a lot of climbing I would have done much better than I did. Till next year.

David __,_._,___

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