ABD Shines at the Batavia Triathlon & Duathlon

ABD Multisport shined in Batavia despite overcast skies, oppressive
humidity, wind, and wet roads.
Kim Malmquist* was the first female duathlete across the line,
triathlete *Rob Fortelka* flew on the bike at 23 mph, the second fastest
ride of the day, and triathlete *Gretchen DeMong* smoked the run at a
blistering pace of 6:22 per mile!

ABD put 3 in the top 12 overall in the Duathlon with Kim in 8th, *Scott
Pahl* in 10th, and *Keith Borkowicz* in 12th. Rob, Keith and *Cathy
Webb* all snagged 4th in very competitive age groups, Gretchen finished
2nd in her class, and Scott grabbed 1st in the over-50 field.

Congratulations to all!

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