Gina Kenny Report: Hillsboro Roubaix

Wow. Not only has Jessi’s riding improved, bringining her to “prominent name” status, her race reports have improved as well. Thanks for the entertaining read! = )

As for the Women’s 4’s race– We actually had nearly 50 starters. Pretty unbelievable. Pretty soon into the race, there was a crash — I heard some loose gravel but didn’t see it. I just all of a sudden saw girls going down everywhere. I was far enough back that I was able to break before adding to the pile but was right smack in the middle of a row and couldn’t get to either the left or right. I couldn’t latch back on to the group. I passed some girls and worked with some others for most of the race. I’m still slow as heck on the hills but do seem to be improving — even passing a few girls! = ) Dawn was able to get around the tangle of girls and bikes quicker than I was but she, unfortunately, ended up spending the majority of the race riding by herself which had to suck with those windy sections. Myself and three other girls were working together until the last hill, two passed me, I passed one. The two that passed me slowed way down for the cobblestones so I barreled past them and finally caught up to Dawn. She latched on and passed me right before the finish line making her 24th and me 25th.

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