Gina Kenny Report: Flying Viking Cross

I did the Women's 3/4 Flying Viking Cross Race in Stoughton, WI on Sunday. I was very excited about this race as I want to upgrade to Cat. 3. This race had a Women's Cat. 4 race and a Women's 3/4 race. So, I had decided to skip the Cat. 4 and race the Cat. 3. Then, last Monday evening I felt a cold coming on. It hit me full force Friday and is easing up but, unfortunately, I still wasn't quite fully back. Decided, what the hell, I'll race anyway. Turns out there were only 6 of us and I was the only Cat. 4 so I figured it would give me a pretty good idea how I would do.

The course was somewhat long -- about 1.7 miles -- flat with us riding through a "sand pit" that was actually a small beach that they sent us across once, turned around in the grass and then went through it again. The rest of the course had a lot of tight turns, a few pavement sections and two sets of barriers.

I started out pretty well. I was 4th and stayed that way until about the last lap. I felt okay although I noticed I was more jogging through the sets of barriers as opposed to running and I was still pretty congested. The last lap, or maybe with two to go, sixth place dropped out (which I found out after the race). Last lap, I knew I had to ride the first part of the sand pit cleanly as a girl was right behind me and I usually gained some time here. But, I ended up putting a foot down after trying to save it, then started running as she passed me. I started catching up during the second part of the sand pit but she started pulling away and beat me by probably about 30 seconds. So, it was kind of disappointing. No one actually showed up at the Women's 4 race -- I could have won a shiny medal. = )

BANDIT CROSS??? Someone posted on her blog "AND, on a sadder note, I hear the underground cross series race yesterday got busted by the police." I'm hoping that Jim and/or Sue were there and can please tell me this wasn't the Bandit Cross race.


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