Keith B's Marathon Report

I know it's a bit late, but last Sunday 10/28, I ran the Grand Rapids Marathon to try and redeem myself from what happened at the Chicago Marathon a few weeks prior. I have spoke with some of you about my results, but others I mentioned that I would post something. So here I go...

It was a clear cold 32 degree morning the day of race. Frost on the grass, but the daytime high was in the upper 50's, low 60's. Like the recent we've been having here. Well I felt just great from the start. What a difference running in the cooler temps. It was a much different run than Chicago as in the scenery around. Most of the run was out in nature along the river and such. Well I'll get to the point. At the beginning I started the race with like 6:40 mile then realized I must slower down. So I settled in a very comfortable 7:10 pace. So there runners were passing me up, but I knew I would see them later at mile 20 or so. Which was the case. At mile 20 I felt strong and passed some of the people that I saw earlier. I finished running a fast pace arms in the air. For I knew that I was going to Boston. I qualified with a 3:06. That's a 7:07mile/pace.

I praise God for the strength he gives me. The days that followed, I was honestly not that sore. Obviously, some soreness, but not over-whelming like in the past.
See ya Boot Camp...
God Bless,
Keith Borkowicz

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Anonymous said...

I met you at the Nike+ 10K. I still don't understand what happened and then what subsequently didn't happen. Too bad- I really found you interesting and would have liked to meet up sometime. s-