Keeley Report: Priority Health Grand Cycling Classic

I travelled to Grand Rapids last weekend to race in the priority Health Grand Cycling Classic crit on Saturday. My bro-in-law (that got me into cycling) lives up there and it is always nice to see different riders and courses. It was the innaugural event and was held in downtown. The course was 1.2k and consisted of a few block- long rough cobble sections that were quite bumpy and was mostly flat. The payouts were quite nice with lots of primes ($200 to the cat 4/5 winner), so perhaps a good race for abders to check out next year. I was hoping for a large chunk of that prize list, but was only able to muster 13th place and a $25 prime. After racing 7 of the last 8 weeks, I think my body was a little worn out. In the race, I was pinched against a barrier on the outside of a pileup with 6 to go and had to chase back into the group. I was not in great position before the hold-up, so not sure if I would have finished better, but a guy can dream. Other than that, the pace was pretty high, as there was a prime almost every other lap and pretty safe (2 wrecks which I mostly avoided). Stuck around and watched the pro race, which was a bit thin but VERY entertaining. The "Stars and Bars" were there on the back of hometown here Kirk O'bee, but he faded in the last lap, probbaly working to position Karl Menzies, who took the victory in a field sprint. I watched it all from the terrace of some italian restaurant with a cocktail in each hand. Again, what a cool event...

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