Oehmen Report: Tuesday Night Crits

ast night i did the tues night criterium in Matteson. It takes place every tuesday and there are 3 races every time usually a 10 lap, 30 lap then another 10 lap at 1 K per lap. There are two group that race.. group a which are cat 1,2,3 and group B cat 4, 5 (boys & girls together) . They are on the course at the same time split up. The group a does the full amount of laps and we do less depending on how many times they pass us and we go with 2 laps to go and the A's sprint at 1 lap to go. It a more relaxed race because if the group passes you, you can hop back in.


Anyways i did this race a lot last year but this is my second time this year. Yesterday for the first race of 10 laps was the first time i stayed with the group the entire race and finished in the middle of the pack. I was so proud of myself. For the second race i was hoping to do the same but i was still out of breath from the first race and got thrown of the back in the first two laps. I wasn't able to recover from the first race to catch back on when they passed until 10 laps to go... then i was able to hang on.

I was also surprised that i did well because that morning i was still sore from doing the bike phycos ride on that Sunday.Thanks to my massage therapist for getting my legs back into shape.

So anyways there are 4 more left till it is over for the season and it is time for the fall fling.

Liz Oehmen

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